Mother Earth Mama

I am the mother of two, a pediatric nurse practitioner, and yogi.  I am passionate about taking care of children and the Mother Earth, as I know ultimately we can not do one without the other.

My clients have asked me about resources they can access quickly and while on the go. So I decided to add a monthly blog feature. If you can’t join me locally for workshops and consultation, then I hope I can help you from wherever you may be finding me.

When did you get started working with children?

Honestly, I don’t remember a time in my life where I didn’t feel the passion for taking care of children. When I was very young, I played with dolls. Not Barbies or small figures in doll houses, real life-like baby dolls.  I used to daydream about having children…A LOT of them.  I would think about how I would care for them and what kind of mom I would be.  I remember fantasizing about taking up a full pew in church, rocking my youngest in my arms, while quietly hushing the rest of my brood to pay attention.  This continued for many years, into middle school, when my best friend and I started a summer “Kids Kamp” for neighborhood children. This led to babysitting, a volunteer respite assignment for children with chronic illness, raising money for childhood cancer, Villanova University Nursing School, and ultimately traveling the world with Operation Smile.

Do you have any advice for the working mom?

My understanding of how to be a working mom has changed over the years. I used to think I had to do it all: be present for my children all day long and then try to balance “me time” and “spouse time” only when – and if – the kids were sleeping. But that proved to be impossible, and my personal time quickly went by the wayside.

I realized the time I spent with my children was more harmonious when I was well rested. So I had to let go of being “everything to everyone” and trust and be grateful for my community tribe, which consists of an incredible set of grandparents and our beloved babysitter.  I cherish absolutely every ounce of  time I have with my children. So now my goal is to be as present as possible when I am with them, and above all be kind to myself when that balance isn’t perfect…a continual work in progress.

What is the most common advice you give to parents?

It is the same advice I give them for the care of their child: Empower yourself with tools you need to heal. Optimize your well being with food, sleep, exercise, and spiritual and emotional practices, remembering that you can recover from conditions when you nurture your mind-body connection (even the ones that traditional medicine has thought to be chronic and permanently fixed).

What are some practices that you believe all parents can engage in for the overall well-being of their children?

It would be difficult to answer in a simple mantra, as boiling it down doesn’t seem to do it justice. So I will take this opportunity to discuss ways to encourage your child’s well-being in this space over the course of this year. But if I had to make it a mantra, I would say:

Have predictable rhythms and rituals, decrease sensory overload, let food be thy medicine, get good sleep, be a model of self-care, and spend quality, intentional time together.

Megan Jolin of Mother Earth Mama is a board certified Holistic Pediatric Nurse Practitioner whose passion is to bring health and wellness to the whole child. Megan provides evidenced-based, family centered care:

  • Prenatal health and wellness
  • Lactation counseling
  • Newborn care
  • Infant feeding
  • Infant massage
  • Vaccine consultation
  • Nutritional analysis and counseling
  • Toxin free home environment
  • Self care for parents and children
  • Natural/integrative approach to common childhood illnesses

Mother Earth Mama offers workshops and one-on-one consultation, including phone consultation. 

For more information please contact: 201-838-9100 or meganjolin@gmail.com

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