Healthy and Happy Easter 🐣

Spring is upon us and Easter is here!
Easter can be one of those occasions that can easily become excessive and overly commercialized. I thought I would share with you some healthy, ethical and natural ideas to ensure you and your little ones have a healthy and happy Easter celebration!

The basket

Finding a basket you can re-use year after year is a great eco-friendly option. One that is biodegradable that you can reuse for toy storage and pop in the compost bin when you no longer need it is even better. Support a local artist and head over to Etsy to find one that’s perfect for you.9C18556F-A140-4637-B09E-07B40FE46895

Easter grass

Traditional petroleum-based Easter grass generates tons of emission and landfill waste each year. Eco grass is made of 100% renewable content, is fully biodegradable or can be reused for years to come. It is available in a 1.25 oz bag size that fills a standard-size Easter basket and comes in 3 colors: pink, yellow, and green. Even better? It’s made in the USA!

The eggs

Traditional plastic Easter eggs also add to our carbon footprint.  Consider using eco eggs which are made in the USA from non-toxic, durable, plant-based plastic and have a secure closure, so you can safely fill them to the brim for those Easter egg hunts.  Eco eggs come in two sizes and 5 assorted colors: pink, yellow, green, blue, and purple. They can be stored and reused for many Easters or disposed in industrial compost.

Dyeing and decorating eggs is a favorite Easter tradition! Decorative and symbolic for both at Easter and Passover, here are instructions from Nourishing our Children on how to dye eggs naturally…using food as dye!


A prize

A book for every occasion- that’s the motto in our house! Our friends at The Little Bean introduced us to this gem that both of my kids adore! Shop local and pick up your own copy or another Easter favorite at The Curious Reader.



Chocolate is so much more than candy. It’s a superfood packed with antioxidants and cardiovascular benefits, and studies show chocolate boosts energy, reduces stress, increases concentration and even improves maternal health. WIN!

So we know chocolate is good for us, but is it equally as good for the farmers who grow it? The International Labor Organization estimates that there are 250 million child slaves working to produce many of our everyday purchases such as coffee and cocoa. They are exploited for their work, forced to work long hours with little or no pay and have little rights. When we choose to buy Fair Trade products, we are casting a vote for the ethical treatment of the laborers around the world who are responsible for the food we eat. Fair Trade certification means not only that workers are paid fairly but also those farmers have safe and environmentally-friendly working conditions.

UnReal is on a mission to unjunk the world by reinventing America’s favorite foods…candy!  Every ingredient they use is non-GMO, and made without gluten, corn, or soy.  UnReal uses sustainably sourced and fair trade ingredients.

3D4AB305-E563-496F-9B69-C424F0587A8AChoc Zero is a fair trade, gluten free, soy free, non-GMO and sugar alcohol free company. They’re also Kosher certified. They use an exclusive monk fruit formula to make a line of products with absolutely no added sugar for the every day sugar junkie in your life! Their Fair-trade, ethically sourced, premium cocoa beans are some of South America’s finest and they use real Madagascar vanilla beans.


Feel good about enjoying gummy bears this Easter! SmartSweets is tackling one of the largest and most concerning problems hidden in our everyday sweets — sugar. SmartSweets has innovated the first candy ever that kicks sugar—naturally! Every ingredient they use is non-GMO, free from sugar alcohols and artificial sweeteners and colors. They use fruit and vegetable juice for color and natural fruit flavor for that sweet and sour taste.


Surf Sweets Jelly Beans are made with organic fruit juice and organic sweeteners, are Non GMO verified, and include 100% of Vitamin C per serving.  They are produced and packaged in dedicated facilities free of the top 10 allergens, making them a top choice for safe treats to share with family and friends. In addition, Surf Sweets is a proud member of 1% for the Planet and will donate a minimum of 1% of the sales from their products to a number of organizations that support environmental causes, including Climate Cycle, Healthy Child Healthy World and EcoMom Alliance.


A toothbrush

Brushing those teeth is important after indulging in all of those Easter treats!
Did you know the most common bacteria found on toothbrushes are the same ones that cause plaque, cavities, gingivitis and bad breath? The solution? Use a Norwex Silver Care Toothbrush. On contact with water, the silver covering the toothbrush’s base releases active ions that eliminate 99.9% of the bacteria commonly found on toothbrushes. This natural, self-sanitizing process also prevents the growth of these bacteria. The unique, replaceable Silver Care Plus Head snaps in and out, and the plastic handle is reusable. Find it here.


The belly-ache

Nux vomica is the main remedy to have on standby during this festive season to treat signs such as overindulgence and hangover. After gobbling up that Easter candy and the like, you may have some digestive issues. Reach for homeopathic remedy, Nux vomica by Boiron to relieve symptoms of heartburn or drowsiness caused by overeating or over drinking.


Blessed and Happy Easter!

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  • rachel

    Good info here, thank you! I’m working on a more eco-friendly easter. I hadn’t heard of the plant-based plastic eggs nor the biodegradable grass. I was planning to use some fabric instead, and got some fillable wooden eggs- the thought being I can use them for years. Was just planning to look up how to dye eggs naturally- this is perfect. Thanks again. Happy Easter!

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