Integrative Considerations: COVID-19 Pandemic

For those of you who are visiting this site for the first time, let me introduce you to who I am. My name is Megan Jolin and I am a certified Holistic Pediatric Nurse Practitioner. I have a combined 21 years in pediatric critical care, pediatric emergency trauma and pediatric primary care. I am currently working on the front lines in the Pediatric Emergency Department as well as seeing patients in an integrative pediatric practice. There is a lot of information circling around and it is my intention to keep you all up to date on the facts, particularly in regards to the current COVID-19 pandemic. I started this page as a means to offer additional support and consultation for families seeking an integrative approach to their child’s health. During this time, I am still able to offer telephone consultations, so please reach out of I can be of any help.
Disclaimer: Because this is novel, meaning new, *there are no evidence- based integrative prevention or treatment strategies for COVID-19 infection. However, this is an opportunity to be proactive.
Using available data from different viruses, and what we know so far about this novel COVID-19 the Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine offers the following to consider:

Prevention remains key. Regular hand washing, social distancing, and halting all non-essential travel are our best defense.

A few basics that I have hammered home many times on this page (so peak around if you are new!):
1.Adequate sleep
2.Stress management
3.Whole foods with a focus on fruits and vegetables (organic when possible). Specifically berries, apples, tomatoes, nuts, parsley, celery and (grass fed) organ meat. At least 5-7 servings of vegetables and 2-3 servings of fruit daily are the cornerstone of a preventative diet.

What supplements to take:
Please reach out for consultation for a specific plan for your child.

What to avoid:
1.Sambucus Elderberry – most of you know this is one of my favorite immunity boosters. HOWEVER, while sambucus elderberry has been shown to provide immune support and inhibit viral attachment to other members of the coronavirus family, there is pre-clinical concern that this immune-stimulating berry can overly ramp up the immune system, so should NOT be used as prevention or supportive care of this NOVEL Coronavirus.
2.Vitamin D- While Vitamin D consistently proves to decrease inflammation, there is very limited pre-clinical evidence that suggests that this too may send the immune system into overdrive. So, get outside (socially distant!) as much as possible and soak up all of that good, natural vitamin D instead!
3.Ibuprofen (Motrin, Advil) According to pre-clinical studies, it is believed that COVID-19 attaches itself to cells in the lungs by way of an enzyme —(ACE2) suggesting that taking ibuprofen might make someone more vulnerable to infection. IF (and only IF!) a fever or pain reducer is needed, acetaminophen is conventionally recommended. Please peak around the site for integrative suggestions for fever and pain comfort measures.

Please note that this is all pre-clinical information. We simply do not have enough scientific evidence at this point to support  any of these claims fully, but as always, we should remain aware and cautious.  Stay healthy and safe and at HOME!

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